the receipt

Generate purchase credentials on your Owner Ledger to deliver better post purchase experiences to your owners – like insurance, repair, and resale. Start your Ledger and begin connecting with your owners

Chain of custody

Understand post-purchase actions to improve customer experience, engagement, and loyalty.

SKYou analytics

Understand the owners’ perspective and emerging consumer trends through aggregated data.

Intelligent marketing

A targeted marketing channel unlike any other — promotions and targeting based on item ownership.

Instant item digitization

Enrich your product catalog with market data and mint digital twins of the items you sell — all without you having to write a single line of code. Share your product catalog in any format, copy us on each e-receipt, and watch your customers become a digital community.

Deliver sharable joy with Digital Unboxing

Offer your customers something exciting to share while they wait for the ‘real’ thing. Individually animated Digital Unboxing gifs make your email receipts a viral trend. Customers can click to add the item to appreciate, or mint their very own digital twin token.

Empower your customers to explore Web3

appreciate SKYous become the foundation of your web3 strategy, enabling your customers to mint their items into NFTs at their discretion. Your customer chooses their digital experience — be it elevated proof of purchase, an appreciate wallet item, or a NFT. We manage your web3 contracts, ensuring each NFT is wrapped with the right metadata to receive its blue check.

Easy onboarding

We take care of everything from user support to analytics.BCC your e-receipts and watch your community grow. No code required.

Owner engagement

Connect directly with owners through their appreciate wallets. Engage through in-app push notifications post purchase.