Creating a world in which humans appreciate the items they buy

We are the intersection between owners, the items they own, the luxury brands they shop with, and the partners they engage with post-purchase. Built on credentials, our platform optimizes ownership utility, mindful consumerism, and community engagement.
Mission: Reduce waste
Buy fewer items, and together, reduce global waste by 1% over 25 years.
Buy from brands that care about their employees, partners, and the Earth.
Build a relationship with our stuff to offset our dopamine addictions with sustainable serotonin.
Our Team
Justin Connor
Co-Founder & Person Accountable
Hey, I'm Justin from appreciate. You can find me at I spend a lot of time thinking about the membrane between physical and digital realities. In my spare time, I cook with my daughter, travel (106 countries and counting), volunteer, and build fun stuff like the FatKidWeekend, BottleStock (sold to $GCI), and 1?4America. I also shop (way too much) mainly for watches, bags, and sneakers.
In 2023, I plan to help appreciate users better connect with their stuff, to be more specific, and to raise $500k for children’s charities through a FatKidWeekend event. Recently, I’ve been inspired by Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order by Ray Dalio. Send me a note if you’d like a copy, or just to say hello.
Allys Ton
Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer
Hello there, I'm Allys (pronounced AH-lease)! I have a talent for actualizing ideas — whether it be turning doodles into pitch decks, or standing up business processes. My hobbies rotate with the seasons, but there's always an element of food exploration and creativity involved. Currently, I'm designing omakase sushi dinners for friends and mastering pottery.
At appreciate, I want our users to find the value and empowerment that comes from ownership, and to build a company culture where we look forward to Monday mornings. I'm a true ENFP and have been told that I pitch appreciate in my sleep — let's chat at
Jeremy McEntire
Chief Technology Officer
Hi. I'm Jeremy. I have a passion for technology and philosophy; I'm particularly interested in how computer science impacts our society, values, and lives. When I'm not engrossed in a technical conversation, I enjoy traveling back roads and scenic byways with my camera and two puppies, Buffer and Proxy. On weekends, I can also be found cultivating my woodworking skills in the garage. Before appreciate, I managed the API team at Twilio, a multi-billion dollar communications company.
I joined appreciate to engage with and ameliorate user-first philosophies and technologies to build a platform of trust. At appreciate, I'm leveraging my affinity for privacy and autonomy to help create user solutions that provide pragmatic functionality and robust security for users. Our infrastructure uses cryptograms to convey truth or proofs -- encrypted, signed, portable truths owned by people and operable by trusted actors. I'm always thrilled to talk about the future of technology and this new paradigm.
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