3's a party: Sustainability, Fashion, and Tech

3's a party: Sustainability, Fashion, and Tech

September 22, 2022|3 min read
By Loli
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The production of apparel, such as shirts and shoes, has more than doubled over the past 25 years – three quarters of which end up in landfills. The pressure of rising consumer demand for fast and cheap fashion contributes to the unrelenting growth of negative environmental impacts. The fashion industry faces increasing pressure to reduce and combat its impact on the environment and energy resources.

The new wave of young consumers are shopping for products from brands with more awareness towards sustainability than ever before. In 2018, the new generation of consumers solely drove 85% of sales growth within the luxury market.

Luxury fashion brands can no longer ignore the topic of sustainability, thus raising the questions of how luxury fashion should provide a roadmap for sustainability.

The framework of sustainability incorporates different dimensions of the environment, social, organization, and economy. Sustainable fashion accounts for many external factors such as local production, sourcing, transparency within the supply chain, safe working conditions, use of eco-friendly ingredients such as natural dyes, decomposable materials, repurposing, and more.

Luxury fashion brands are investing in and creating new technologies that can aid and enhance these factors to produce viable solutions and products.

Technology innovations, such as alternative fabrics, are helping to shape a more optimal sustainable fashion industry. For Instance, Stella McCartney is using a new technology, made with Econyl, to produce her collection of denim, jersey, and swimwear. Econyl is made from recycled plastic bottles and allows for the brand to avoid dumping 10 tons of new nylon materials into the environment.

It is critical for brands to inspire consumers to take greater care of their items and make more use out of them to reinforce the fashion sustainability mindset. Vivien Westwood uses and sources sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, recycled nylon, and polyesters for its collection. The brand’s motto is, "buy less, choose well, make it last.”

Luxury fashion brands embrace the circular economy model to eliminate waste and maximize product cycles, helping to protect the environment. Burberry and Stella McCartney have joined forces to launch the Make Fashion Circular initiative. The initiative works directly with textile producers, city officials, and artists, leading recycling efforts and incorporating more renewable materials.

Snapchat lenses

A new process of 3D clothing and digital sampling utilizes computer software to reduce the pressure on manual sampling and fabric waste. Technology has allowed for customers to try on clothes virtually with 3D technology and machine learning. Farfetch developed its own customizable lense on Snapchat that allows users to try virtual clothing garments. 3D clothing and digital sampling also helped the luxury industry within the context of Covid-19; retailers have experienced turbulence and threats of closing their business doors and instore shopping experiences.

With the enhancement of new technology, people are taking large strides to bridge the gap between fashion and sustainability. If brands begin to be more thoughtful about how they make their products, we may see a large chunk of fashion waste disappear.

appreciate encourages consumers to buy less while getting more use out of the items they love. Whether it be by tracking the valuation of a bag, or claiming ownership with our fingerprinting technology, we are helping users find greater value in the items they own. We aim to inspire users to trade up, buy less, and interact with their valuables in a more mindful manner. Our goal is to contribute to the reduction of America's garbage production by 1% before 2050. To do this, our platform aims to change human behavior by replacing ‘dopamine buy’ with ‘serotonin use.’

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