Things to Consider When Searching for Your Dream Bag

May 10, 2023|3 min read
By Grace

So, you want to purchase a luxury bag, but you have no idea where to start. What brand do you choose? What style? Color? Size? There are a lot of questions to be asked and things to consider when investing in luxury bags, so here is your guide to understanding which bag and brand will be perfect for you.

Start broad and think big: Before I became a luxury handbag lover, I had no idea what different bags were called. I knew the basic ones – the Neverfull, Birkin – but I didn’t even know the name for the Chanel Classic Flap!

I know, I was that out of touch with the luxury world. Now that I’ve been working at a luxury goods company for nearly 3 years, it has given me much education on the different brands, models of bags, textures, leathers, colors, etc. For example, the Neverfull is a great investment piece with a 91% resale value (on average), but if you purchase one that is a limited edition the value instantly doubles. I am getting ahead of myself, so we will do this in baby steps.

First things first, when looking for your dream bag, identify the brand you want to buy. In this case let’s assume we are looking for a Louis Vuitton or Chanel bag. Once you know the brand, start by using the appreciate explore function to find items with the following phrases:

  • Chanel bags
  • Chanel purse
  • Louis Vuitton purse
  • Louis Vuitton handbag

Keep it broad on your first attempt if you have no idea what you are looking for. More often than not the screen will populate with different images. Those images can help you figure out what kind of style, color, or texture you like.

Once you find the shape of bag you prefer, then begin narrowing your search similar to the following:

  • Chanel wallet on chain
  • Chanel boy bag
  • Louis Vuitton neverfull
  • Louis Vuitton pochette

By doing this, our explore page will prompt you with all different colors and styles of the bag you are searching for.

Colors and Textures: If you are buying your first bag, we suggest going with a color that will complement different outfits. For example, if I were to purchase my first ever Chanel Classic Flap, I’d probably choose black with gold hardware – it goes with nearly everything. Something to consider, though, is that some bags are iconically known for their monogram prints – i.e. the LV Neverfull. So, with that said, if I were to purchase a Louis Vuitton Neverfull I would probably reach for the classic checkered pattern or monogram print. I also love this Neverfull MM, it's so chic and sleek! But to each his own – purchase with your gut instinct!

Each bag offers different materials of leather – Chanel’s are primarily calfskin, while Louis Vuitton offers a mixture of leathers. One that can stand the test of time is Epi Leather. I highly recommend purchasing any Louis Vuitton bag that is made of epi leather because it can stand the test of time. Find out more about epi leather in our blog post here.

**Name Your Budget: **We all know that purchasing a luxury handbag is an investment and if you aren't going to purchase it from a store, do some research and compare prices to see what the bag you want resells for, or how likely it is to appreciate in value over time. For beginner buyers, the most popular brands to purchase from are ones that are likely to hold or appreciate in value. To find out the ROI of a bag, search terms such as:

  • Louis Vuitton tote bag price
  • Louis Vuitton ROI
  • Chanel Classic Flap price
  • Chanel bag resale value

Once you’ve bought your dream bag and done the research, you can add it to your appreciate closet and unlock a world of luxury. Download now!

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Grace Collora works as a Marketing Associate at appreciate. She has many interests including writing about fashion, pop culture, and sustainability.

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