First Time Buyers Guide to Caring for Your Luxury Purse.

May 17, 2022|3 min read
By Grace
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We’ve all been there before. Bringing home your new authentic Louis Vuitton purse, or your Dior Saddle Bag. You wash your hands, take it out of the box, look at it and then…what next? You don’t want to ruin this beautiful handbag, you debate contacting the store associate…but you don’t want to look like a first time buyer…

Luckily, you have things like Google and this article to show you exactly how you can care for your bag, and hopefully give you the confidence to take it out with you.

How to store your bag: When purchasing your bag, do NOT throw away the box. It has been recommended by experts that the best way to store bags is with acid free tissue and in its original box. If your closet space is limited you can also store your bags with soft tees and sweaters in your bag to keep its shape. Experts recommend not to use newspaper or anything that can transfer ink residue into the inner lining of the bag. When putting the chain links inside the bag, make sure to wrap them to avoid potentially additional markings within the inner lining of the bag. When placing it in its dust bag make sure to put it in an upright position or lay it flat if it has top handles so they don’t touch the bag.

How to avoid moisture: Never throw away the sachet of silica gel that comes in the bag. This has a very important purpose, it absorbs any excess moisture in the air to avoid mold growth. In the instance your bag experiences mold growth, take it out of the dust bag, wipe it gently with a dry cloth and let it air out for a full 24 hours. If you want to take it one step further, experts say investing in a dehumidifier is one way to avoid mold growth for purses and even your clothes.

Caring for Your Bag When You’re Out: DO NOT put your bag on the floor, unless it has protective metal feet. You can buy a portable bag hanger or keep your dust bag on hand if you are truly worried about it getting dirty. If you choose to take a simpler route and bring neither of these things, just make sure you are extremely careful with handling the bag.

With the help of our app launching, you will be able to insure your bag through our platform, so if something were to even happen to it, rest assured, we have your back! Keeping your bag in prime condition also enables you to keep up the market value, and so with time your bag should continue to appreciate in value. Stay tuned for more tips from us!

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