The simplest way to protect your luxury goods

We’ve partnered with WAX Insurance to protect your luxury goods against damage, loss, and theft worldwide. Add an item to your appreciate closet, request coverage, and enjoy peace-of-mind.

How it works

Create your appreciate account
Add your item
Build your collection in your closet
Protect your collection
Request coverage for your item(s)

Protection for the modern luxury owner

Premium item coverage
Coverage with convenience
Your policy, on your phone
For wanderlust travelers and jetsetters
Travel with confidence. Lost luggage? Pickpockets? Rest assured, your items are protected against damage, theft, and loss anywhere on the globe.
Flexible plans
Personalized policies that fit your needs and reflect your ownership. As your collection grows, you can add them to your policy and expand your coverage amount. Or, reduce your coverage as you part with your items.
We love all brands
Coverage plans are available for your entire closet – from your Louis Vuitton handbags to your Rolex watches. Our coverage plans are expanding and will be inclusive of the entire luxury market in 2023.


Luxury Coverage