Your collection should speak to you, too.

The appreciate catalog merges a standardized data structure with real-time feedback, offering an immeadiate feedback loop. Keep a pulse on your customers buying habits and the social commentary surrounding your brand. Design your next collection based on meaningful insights.
Catalog Management for your SKUs

We accept all data infrastrcutures so you can seamlessly migrate your existing catalog to our database. Once converted to our standardized data structure, seamlessly share your brand approved images, descriptions, and item details with any retailer or partner to maintain brand integrity and level up your customer loyalty.

Item Identification and Mapping

Using computer vision technology, we automatically identify your items to track buzz across different social media platforms. Key metrics and insights are attributed back to the original SKU of your brand's products.

Metadata Tagging

Qualify your items beyond their name, price, and size to develop a deeper understanding of product trends. Capture nuanced attributes such as their style and characteristics to track how they perform.

Digital Fingerprinting

Items have unique details to them, which are unnoticed by the human eye, but recognized by our photo technology. Digital fingerprints are created based on key landmarks and provide the ability to identify an item as one of a kind. Exclusivity, proven.