Digital community connecting owners and their items to partners

Purchase credentials enable partners to create post-purchase experiences for owners. Our partners gain access to a digital community of credential holders, providing them with enhanced item utility.
Impactful post-purchase experiences
powered by credentials
Chain of Custody
A ledger for ownership, creating post-purchase experiences for owners and the luxury items they own.
Immediate Item Utility
A ledger for actions, enabling owners to discover and enjoy enhanced item utility through their digital closet.
Intelligent Marketing
A ledger for innovation, providing a targeted and autonomous marketing campaigns based on item ownership.
Finding the right audience
Purchases, item authenticity, and key ownership actions are recorded as credentials on the Owner Ledger. Your digital community includes all credentials holders.
Connecting with owners in their pockets
Brands aren’t the only ones who can create meaningful post-purchase experiences. Build brand loyalty with luxury owners by enabling them to engage with your products in new ways.
Partnerships based on utility
We love a good collab. The appreciate ecosystem enables brands and partners to ideate and execute more memorable ownership experiences – enhanced by credentials.